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A Passion For Stalking


Product Information

A Passion For Stalking.  For a considerable time there has been a yawning chasm in true, detailed and honest stalking publications. Where has all the passion and spirit gone? Well, we hope this embryonic publication can help re-dress the balance somewhat and give all those with a true passion for the outdoors, deer and stalking a quality read. The early morning sun hitting the back of your neck and it's egg-yolk-yellow rays giving the dawn foliage a gilt veneer before your very eyes. Roe skipping through the mornings wet grass with hooves clicking and clacking like miniature castanets sending a shimmering spray of dew into the air. And let us not forget all the other birds and beasts that are out and about in such glorious mornings. Of course, we cannot replicate this fantastic experience through the two dimensional world of parchment and ink, and reading a book can never be a substitute for getting out there yourself, but, we hope, that A Passion For Stalking will become the next best thing.

This issue features red deer stalking in the midlands, muntjac in the dense oxfordshire woods, chinese water deer on the arables, the roe rut, a hard-won buck, feral goat and much more.


Darcy Books is the publisher and sole distributor of A Passion For Stalking.

Product Code: A PBSBY661



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