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As Darcy says:   "A working lurcher can't be wrapped up in cotton wool, there ain't too many fairy-tale endings in the hard world of running dogs".

Scooby is the life story of a dog that travelled the length and breath of the UK in pursuit of almost anything that was huntable. And here is his story. From the early days of training and entering, learning about life and the varied obedience commands, through to the great golden days of the pre-ban era until the tear-wrenching end. Be warned, you may have a lump in your throat by the last page. The high's, the low's and the inbetweens are all here crammed into the 170+pages. Illustrated heavily with colour photos and practically all species of quarry are written about as Darcy goes from one adventure to the next chasing rabbits, hares, foxes and deer from horizon to horizon.

Product Code: SCOWLG1K37



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